Find the best laptops in Kenya at very affordable prices. There are a variety of laptops from hp laptops that are affordable to powerful dell laptopsmacbooks, and lenovo laptops all with core 13, core i5, or core i7. Perfect to serve as gaming laptops, work laptops, and college laptops.

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The best laptops for you to buy in Kenya are determined by a number of factors. It is worth noting that these factors will literally affect what type of laptop you will purchase, the brand of laptop you will purchase, and eventually if you consider it the best laptop for you.

The best laptops in Kenya are the ones that serve you for a long period of time without needing any type of maintenance or purchase of spare parts. 

Finally, the best laptops that you can buy in Kenya come from trusted resellers that you can reach out to easily in case your laptop has any issues and dc duka is one of those trusted resellers that you can reach out to super easily. 

So let's look into the different factors that will guide you to purchasing the best laptops for yourself and family in Kenya.


Different users have different needs when it comes to laptops.

You might want to buy a laptop solely for college, watching Netflix and listening to music while another person would be looking to buy a laptop for gaming. In that case, then the best laptop for you might not be the best laptop for another person.

And that's why it is extremely crucial to ensure that your purchase decision is not influenced by a third party especially when it comes to buying laptops. Do your research and settle on a laptop brand that will cater to your needs.

For instance; if you are looking for a gaming laptop, DC DUKA's representatives will advice you to buy DELL laptop Core i7 10th Gen 3.8GHz.


Because that is one powerful laptop that will not hang when playong your favorite games like Fortnite and Minecraft. And because such games are quite heavy, other laptops which are not fast will literally give you a headache when you try to launch your games.

On the other hand, if you wanted a cool laptop for college, then DC DUKA would recommend buying a HP laptop 250 G7 Core i3 4GB, 1 TB RAM.


Well, because it will serve all your college needs. Creating Power point slides for your class presentations will be a breeze, downloading movies, music, and notes from your college portals will also be super easy, and finally the large storage capability will allow you to save as many assignments as humanly possible without compromising on your leisure activities such as uploading pictures and editing youtube videos and blog posts if you're a part-time blogger/youtuber. 


The amount of money you are willing to spend on your laptop will also greatly affect the type of laptop that you end up purchasing.

Speaking from a financial point of view, it is always wise to have a budget in mind.

Once you have a budget in mind, figure out the best laptop you can acquire that is within your budget.

In other cases, if money is not the problem and you are looking to get a laptop that serves you well for your needs then the point mentioned above should be your main concern.

For example: if you're looking for a gaming laptop and you have a high budget of Ksh. 60,000 - Ksh. 80,000+ then you will get a brand new gaming laptop that will serve you for years. But if you're looking for the same type of laptop with a lesser budget of between Ksh. 30,000- Ksh. 40,000, it will be best suited you look for a less powerful laptop or you could compromise on a few things and get a refurbished laptop. That actually takes us to the next point.


Basically, refurbished laptops are those laptops that have been used before. They may be in good condition or not. And for sure, you will be taking a huge gamble when you're buying refurbished laptops. Of course, refurbished laptops are a lot cheaper than the new laptops and they come with certain warranties that don't have full disclosures.

For instance; you might find a refurbished laptop dealer that sells you refurbished laptops with a warranty but the warranty is based on the software only and not the hardware. Or you could find you have a refurbished laptop that has a 6-month warranty instead of a full year warranty.

And that's why it's quite crucial to understand what type of laptops you want to buy and what you are compromising on in order to get it. 

On the flip side, new laptops are basically from the factory. These laptops have never been used and they have a manufacturer's warranty of 1 - 3 years. What that means is that you can easily take back that computer if it has any issues and you will get an instant replacement on the same day as long as it has been established that the laptop is faulty and you did not damage the laptop yourself.

New laptops will serve you for a longer time as compared to refurbished laptops. And even though refurbished laptops seem cheaper, they eventually become more expensive with all the small defaults that you will have to fix that aren't covered in the warranty like faulty chargers, deactivated Windows, lack of some essential drives etc.  

Since we've spoken so much about prices of laptops, let take a look at some of the prices of the best laptops in Kenya that dc duka offers. 


DELL Inspiron 3480 Laptop 8th Gen intel core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, 1.6GHz - 3.9 GHz Turbo Speed, 14 inch, Windows 10KSH. 70,435 + 1 YR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY.
DELL VOSTRO 7th Gen intel core i3- 7020U 4GB/ 1 TB Ubunti Linux 16.04/ Intel HD Integrated Graphics 15.6-inch laptop, Black  KSH 52,826 + 1 YR MANUFACTUER'S WARRANTY
Lenovo IP330,15.6" HD ,ONYX BLACK , Intel Celeron 3867U (2C / 2T, 1.8GHz, 2MB) ,4GB DDR4 2133,1TB,9.0MM SUPER MULTI(TRAY IN) DVD±RW,INTEGRATED ,WIFIKSH 32,500 + 1 YR MANUFACTUER'S WARRANTY.
HP ELITEBOOK 840 G6 i7-8565U 830 G6 | 13.3 FHD AG UWVA 400 HD + IR  ALSensor | 16GB (1x16GB) DDR4 2400 | 512GB PCIe NVMe TLC | W10p64 | 3yw | 720p IR TripleMic Webcam | kbd DP Backlit | Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 ax 2x2 MU-MIMO nvP 160MHz +BT 5 | Active SmartCard | FPS | No NFCKSH 192,363 + 3 YR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY


Are laptops good for gaming?

Yes, there are laptops that are good for gaming. Not all laptops are good for gaming but there are certain laptops that are good for gaming like DELL Latitude 5400. It is a powerful laptop that is good for gaming. If you're looking for a gaming laptop, look for certain specs like the Core i5/ Core i7. The processor speed, 3.2 GHz, the laptop's screen display for a great experience when playing a game and the storage for large sized games.  

What is the price of HP laptops in Kenya?

Best HP laptops in Kenya range from Ksh 40,000 - Ksh 180,000 in the case of HP elitebooks. 

What is the difference between Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7?

In simple terms, Core i7 is the fastest processor out of the three, Core i5 processor is faster than Core i3 but slower than Core i7 and Core i3 is the slowest processor of the three. If you're interested in learning more, here's a short video that will explain to you the difference between Core i3,i5, and i7.